4 Most Trusted Door Lock Brands

4 Most Trusted Door Lock Brands

When we discussed the most reputable lock brands, we’re not advertising the brands to you. Rather, we’re telling you about the brands people have trusted and used for their home lock systems. In this article, we will be exploring the top 4 brands people around you have been using their products. Be informed that the […]

New home, office, or business? Call a Locksmith!

Moving In Locksmith

Moving into a new home, office space, or business place? Call a Locksmith! When you move into a new home, office space, or business place, you are totally unaware of the security element of that particular place. Everything might seem new and fresh. But, the reality could be really different and unimaginable. Also, in a […]

Window Locks and Sliding Glass Door Locks

Window Locks and Sliding Glass Door Locks

Window Locks and Sliding Glass Door Locks The aesthetic attributes of glass doors and windows to a building remain an aspect of a building that will always be admired. Despite their alluring effect on your home, the truth about the sliding glass door and window is the fact that they aren’t meant for every part […]

Locks Types

Door Locks Types

Door Locks Types When basking in the euphoria of your almost completed commercial or residential building, one area that deserves keen consideration is the utmost security of your life and properties. Making the right choice of the type of lock to use in your building can be one hell of a task to think through. […]

Mortise Locks

Mortise Lock

What is a Mortise Lock? Typically found in wooden doors, a mortise is a lock type that is placed inside door holes and has only the rear visibility. The interior of the mortise may be a deadlock or a sash lock. These two forms of mortise utilize the latch to fasten and hold doors in […]

How to Choose New Locks

How to Choose New Locks

How to Choose New Locks Your lock choice is crucial to the security and peace of mind you enjoy in your apartment. As such, it is important that you choose home locks that best fit the needs of your family – and protect your valuables. With a wide range of options in the market, how […]

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Locks

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart Door Locks

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart Door Locks You probably dislike the hassle associated with losing or misplacing your key after a long day of work. Worse still, finding out that you cannot get into your apartment after a late-night party can be frustrating and stressful. Sadly, keys are usually misplaced at the worst possible times, keeping […]

Deadbolt Locks


Deadbolt Lock Types A deadbolt lock is one of the safest lock systems a homeowner can install for the security of the home. Deadbolt locks offer additional protection to the basic spring-bolt styled locks. With the absence of the spring bolt mechanism in deadbolt locks, retraction is impossible when force is applied to the lock. […]

Smartkey Locks Kwikset

Kwikset Smart Key Locks

Kwikset Smart Key Locks Kwikset locks are unique Smartkey locks that are pretty easy to identify. Next to the key entryway, you would find a small pinhole which is especially useful when a locksmith is called for a rekey service. Are there positives and drawbacks of using the Kwikset Smartkey lock brand? Is it one […]

Top reasons to rekey your locks

Rekeying Lock

Top Reasons to rekey your Home or Business Locks Your home or business lock is the first line of defense against unwanted guests and threats to your security. With so many daily challenges to be concerned with, the compromised nature of your property’s security is the last thing you must worry about. With quality locks […]